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2016-03-30 Multi-format Video Server "MFPR-3000"

MFPR-3000 is file-based recorder, can record and playback typical broadcasting file formats like MXF and MOV etc.

This recorder is suitable for playback machine for the Linear Editors.

Easy file transfer by the Gigabit Ethernet and high speed contents copy via the USB3.0 interface.

Uncompressed Dual-link Recorder "GIGA-3000 DL"

GIGA-3000 DL can record HDTV Dual-link signal with uncompressed or comressed. 1.5 hours uncompressed dual-link HDDTV can be recorded on to the RAID SSD.

This model realizes low cost high quality production of the VIDEO+KEY, 3D and 1080 50P/60P and two channel HDTV.

Easy file transfer by the Gigabit Ethernet and high speed contents copy via the 6 Gbps eSATA interface.

Up/down and cross conversions are possible.

TC Chase

"Chase to Time code" function is added to the JP2pro 750R and the JP2pro_rev.S. This function is useful for MA room and synchronization of multi-machines (3D, 4K e.t.c).


MFPR-3000 and JP2pro are applicable for very long hour TIME SHIFT ON-AIR.

Using the simultaneous REC/PLAY feature, the MFPR-3000 and the JP2pro can be used for the time-shift broadcasting operation.

As JP2pro is using the VBR (constant quality) compression, there is no threat to suffer from sudden picture degradation. Also unlike the most of recorders using long GOP scheme (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 etc), the JP2pro is using the intra-field (field by field) compression. So, there is no timing limitation.

The maximum delay time is approx. 240 hours (HDD) and approx. 40 hours (SSD).

MFPR-3000 and JP2pro is applicable for 24H/365 days LOOP recording.

JP2pro can record high quality HDTV picture endlessly by using LOOP recording capability. The maximum recorded time on the disk is around 240 hours (HDD) and around 40 hours (SSD).

GIGA-3000DL and JP2pro is applicable for multi-screen exhibition.

Many JP2pro players can be controlled fully synchronized. This capability is useful for very large scale Multi-LCD or Multi-PDP exhibition with outstanding picture quality.

Number of JP2pro players for the synchronized operation:

(1) Up to 254 players with LAN (Ethernet) connection

(2) Theoretically limitless with RS-422 control or the TC CHASE.

@3D and 4K Recorder application

The cost-effective way.

Use as plural HDTV recorders usually.

Put together in case you need 3D, 4K or more.

GIGA-3000DL and JP2pro can be treated as an storage unit with HD-SDI interface. Multiple use of this unit enables scalable recording of higher definition images such as 3D, 4K and more.

You can use the assets of the "uncompressed quality" by the reversible Lossless compression, and the "long recording time" as same as the stand alone JP2pro.

@4K Recorder application

Two units are used with complete synchronous operation by the RS-422 controller or the Ethernet UDP control.

Using the GIGA-3000DL, more than 6.8 hours without any quality loss can be recorded with the uncompressed mode and using high capacity 4TB SSD.



JP2pro 750R is adopted by NHK for the HDTV video signal source for 720-inch huge dome screen at an aquarium in Yokohama city. Superior picture quality is the reason for the choice.

Event System

JP2pro 750R is frequently used as a high quality signal source for concerts and exhibitions.

The quick search, quick play and programable CLIP play are powerful tools for this application.


Wide Area Surveillance System

JP2pro 750R is used for wide area HDTV surveillance systems in big cities in Japan.

24 hours/365 days non-stop simultaneous record/play capability with high picture quality and long recording time is a key for this system.


Stadium Video System

JP2pro 750R is used for HDTV recorders in sports stadiums.

Slow motion and highlight editing are controlled from slow motion controller.

Judgment video system for horse race, boat race and bicycle race is also a good application of this recorder..

JP2pro high-end recorder evolves. Higher shock-resistance, smaller size, lighter weight and lower power consumption by SSD.

Solid-state HDTV Recorder


NEW! @Recording and playback with multiple file format. Capture with MXF OP1a HD422iXDCAMj, Apple ProRes422 and DN‚˜HDiMOV).

Multi-format Video Server


Many file formats can be reproduced. XDCAM, P2, ProRes, AVCHD, MPEG2, MPEG4 etc.

AES/EBU digital audio input and output, and analog output by 3.5mm Headphone jack.

The play while recording function and the loop recording are also possible.

VTR like Control is possible by the RS-422 external editors.

Uncompressed or compressed recording of 3 Gbps dual-link HDTV signal on to the RAID SSD (Solid-state Drive).

Uncompressed Dual-link Recorder

GIGA-3000 DL