Loop Recording Video Server MFPR-3000

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Excellent performance in 1U compact size

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Multi-format Video Server MFPR-3000@-Features-

As "Base-band to File-base" shift in the broadcasting industry is rapidly advancing, a mixed use of different multiple file formats is increasing.

On the other hand, the conventional "Linear Editing" is much faster than the Non-Linear Editing for producing the news program. So, demand for file-base playback machine that can act as VTRs controlled from the RS-422 editors.

Multi-format Video Server, MFPR-3000 is the suitable machine for such demands. MFPR-3000 can seamlessly playback many kind of different file formats, resultantly, easing operators work efficiently.

To capture base-band signals into file-base, a high quality capture performance is needed. The MFPR-3000 can encode the SDI input signal by industry-wide standard of MXF OP1a HD422 iXDCAM) and MOV ProRes422 etc.

The endless loop recording and the playback while recording feature enables to broading the application in the broadcasting industry and the other industry fields.

@@Main Feature:

Ÿ Can capture with MXF OP1a HD422 (XDCAM), ProRes422, DNxHD, MPEG2, Motion JPEG.

Ÿ Can playback of XDCAM, P2, AVCHD, MP4 ProRes422, DNxHD, MPEG2 and more.

Ÿ Can record and playback simultaneously. (including playback while recording)

Ÿ@Variable play, Shuttle, Jog and Search.

Ÿ@Seamless play back of plural clips.

Ÿ@Recording with continuously switched files with constant (10 min or 1 hour) duration in Loop Recording Mode.

Ÿ Picture of "No video signal" can be recorded in case of missing input.

Ÿ All recorded files can be loaded when the application starts.

Ÿ PC clock can be used as a time-code.

Ÿ@YY MM DD HH MM SS can be used as a file name.

Ÿ RP-188 TIME CODE input and output.

Ÿ GUI control by using thumbnils.

Ÿ@Gigabit LAN and USB3.0 for high speed file transfer.

Ÿ@AES/EBU digital audio input and output.

Ÿ@Front 3.5mm analog audio output.

Ÿ@Front USB3.0 connecttor for external drives.

Ÿ@Remote control by Ethernet or RS-422iOPTION).

Ÿ Gen-lock to external reference signal.

@Multi-format Video Server MFPR-3000 -Specifications-