Solid-state HDTV Recorder

JP2pro_rev.S (Revision-S)


JP2pro_rev.S is a professional solid-state HDTV recorder, using the JPEG2000 (Lossless and lossy) VBR compression technology. You can record 4:2:2 10-bit studio quality HDTV pictures onto the SSD magazine for long hours without quality loss.
The Wavelet Transform technology used in the JPEG2000 standard enables much higher quality than the conventional DCT based compression technology. The intra-field/frame compression scheme enables the frame by frame editing and the slow motion.

Front Control Panel

You can enjoy just a VTR like operation such as SLOW, JOG, SHUTTLE, Mark / Search, by this front Control Panel Option. Also all of the JP2pro 750R functions including AUDIO VIDEO set-up, TIME CODE set-up, GEN-LOCK set-up and CLIP and SEQUENCE editing and many more can be controlled from this panel.

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Control Utility Software

JP2pro_rev.S can be controlled from PC using the dedicated control Utility Software. From the GUI, you can control all of the JP2pro 750R functions. Especially, handling (editing, naming etc.) of the Record Files, CLIPs and SEQUENCE Lists is much easier than the Front Control Panel.

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Catalog front page (PDF)

Catalog back page (PDF)


Features and Applications

Instruction Manual

Control Panel Operation Manual

GUI/JP2pro-cont Operation Manual

RS-422 Control Protocol

JP2pro_rev.S basic recorder

JP2pro 750R Rear Panel, Click to enlarge

JP2pro_rev.S is very compact recorder (2RU, 9 kg, 85 W) but it comprises very high performance and useful features. You can record up to 48 hours of studio quality HDTV programs. The reversible lossless compression enables uncompressed picture quality .

Concept of the "Removable SSD Magazine" enables easy exchange of the recording media from the front. Its size is 77mm(W)x40mm(H)x105mm(D), weight is less than 400 grams. It is ideal for storage and transportation.

SSD Magazine outside view


Video input

・ Can automatically detect the HDTV standard on the HD-SDI input.

・ Enables PSF mode, even when the input signal does not have the PSF flag.

Video output

・ Can adjust the H and the V phase on the HD-SDI output with respect to the EXT REF IN or INPUT VIDEO.

・ Can display the Characters on the MONITOR OUT.

Audio input

・ Can accept both the Embedded Audio input and the AES3 input.

・ Can attain the SRC(Sample Rate Converter) on the AES3 input, (ON/OFF)

・ Can accept the NON-AUDIO data (e.g. Dolby-E etc).

Audio output

・ Can Adjust the audio delay (Lip Sync; 0-5.5 frames) with respect to the video output.

・ Can output sounds in variable speed mode. (ON/OFF)

Time code


・ Can use both the LTC and the VITC on the HD-SDI.

・ Can record the UB (User bit).

・ Can select the DROP FRAME and NON-DROP FRAME TC count.

・ Can use the CTL counter instead of the TC reader.


・ Can synchronize to the HD-SDI input or the EXT REF input in recording.

・ Can choose the EXT REF or the HD-SDI input or Internal Free. Automatic selection of the playback reference signal is available too.


・Video test signal (CB, RAMP, BLACK) and the AUDIO 1 kHz test signal are available.


・ Can divide the recording disk space in 2, 4, 8, and 48 partitions. You can use these partition area just like the separate disk unit.

Recording modes

・ Can choose the LOOP REC, and the INTERVAL REC in addition to the NORMAL REC.

・ Can choose the MULTI-FILE mode (new file is created at every recording command) and the SINGLE FILE mode (only one file is created regardless of plural recording command, and continuous TC is recorded).

Playback modes

・ Can choose the LOOP PLAY mode, the DUBBING PLAY mode and the SIMULTANEOUS PLAY mode in addition to the NORMAL PLAY mode.

・ Can choose the FIELD mode or the FRAME mode for still picture.

Slow motion

・ Can change the variable speed from -1 to +3 times of normal play speed.

Shuttle picture

・ Can change the shuttle speed up to +-50 times of normal play speed. The shuttle picture does not include any noise.

Search function

・ Cue-up time is instantaneous. The number of assignable cue points is 512. You can search by typing the TC value also.


・ Can edit in the INSERT mode or the ASSEMBLE mode.

・ Split-edit is available.

・ Audio postrecording is possible.

CLIP and thumbnail picture

・ Can create up to 512 CLIPs by designating the IN and OUT point. You can put a name for each CLIP and you can get and save the thumbnail picture for the CLIP. (Ethernet/GUI option is needed for thumbnail picture)

・ LOOP-PLAY mode can be separately assigned for each CLIP.

・ The thumbnail picture of the JP2pro is directly extracted from the recorded JPEG2000 file, so no additional equipment or cabling is needed. This is simply achieved by your PC and the Ethernet connection. The thumbnail data is stored in the SSD MAGAZINE, so you can retrieve the thumbnail pictures on the other PC.

Sequence playback

・ Can create the sequence by sorting up to 128 CLIPs, and can play back without noise.

・ With Ethernet/GUI option, the sequence can be easily created by drag-and-drop the thumbnail pictures of the CLIPs.

・ LOOP-PLAY mode can be separately assigned for each sequence.

Synchronous REC/PLAY

・ Can record and playback plural JP2pro recorders in synchronous. (for 3D, 4K or multi-screen presentations)

・ RS-422 remote controller "SYNCHRO-CONT2000" or the Ethernet/GUI option can be used for the synchronous operation.


This function enables synchronized playback by chasing the value of the tiime code input (LTC IN or VITC on the HD-SDI).