JPEG2000 HDTV Recorder

JP2pro 750R


JP2pro 750R is a professional HDTV disk recorder, using the state of the art JPEG2000 (Lossless and lossy) compression technology. You can record and reproduce 4:2:2 10-bit studio quality HDTV pictures onto the HDD or SSD Cassette for long hours without quality loss.
The Wavelet Transform technology used in the JPEG2000 standard enables much higher quality than the conventional DCT based compression technology. The intra-field/frame compression scheme enables the frame by frame editing and the slow motion.

Front Control Panel

You can enjoy just a VTR like operation such as SLOW, JOG, SHUTTLE, Mark / Search, by this front Control Panel Option. Also all of the JP2pro 750R functions including AUDIO VIDEO set-up, TIME CODE set-up, GEN-LOCK set-up and CLIP and SEQUENCE editing and many more can be controlled from this panel.

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Control Utility Software

JP2pro 750 can be controlled from PC using the dedicated control Utility Software. From the GUI, you can control all of the JP2pro 750R functions. Especially, handling (editing, naming etc) of the Record Files, CLIPs and SEQUENCE Lists is much easier than the Front Control Panel.

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JP2pro 750R is very compact recorder (2RU, 14kg, 150VA) but it comprises very high performance and useful features. You can record up to 48 hours of studio quality HDTV programs.

Concept of the "Removable HDD/SSD Cassette" enables easy exchange of the recording media. Its shape is just like a large cassette tape of the VTR, and ideal for storage and transportation.

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You can choose the capacity of the HDD Cassette. One 900GB cassette is included as a standard accessory. Additionally you can purchase the 1.5 TB, 3TB or 6 TB optional cassette. Please contact our sales agency for more information.

JP2pro 750R Rear Panel, Click to enlarge

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